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About Us

Nantong Nuotai Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd

Nantong Noatic Bio-Pharm Technology Co., Ltd.

Nantong Noatic Bio-Pharma Technology Co., Ltd. was established in  Haimen Science and Technology Park in March 2015. The company has 60 employees, 20 R&D teams, and 90% of them have bachelor degree or above. The company has always been market-oriented and innovation-driven; it is committed to providing pharmaceutical companies with innovative chemical services throughout the entire industry chain, including: research and development of innovative drugs, process development and optimization of key pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs; high-end pharmaceutical intermediates commercial production and custom synthesis services.


Established in Mar. 2015


20 R&D team


More than 60 employees


Bachelor degree or above accounted for 90%

Main Advantage

1. Strong research and development strength, good at synthesis reactions of various difficulties.
2. Process optimization and production team stability, continuous optimization of the production stage, and cost and quality advantages.
3. The customer relationship is stable, and the customers are mainly pharmaceutical factory terminals, providing long-term stable services.
4. Main project types: In line with the project application requirements, from the research and development end to the commercial production volume, long-term cooperation.


Nantong Nuotai Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd

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